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The Team
Joined together in 2010, and helped along by some of the nations top Aquatic Consultants, the team has worked together to create Kersplash. We know you will be as delighted with it as we are.

Kersplash Pool Climbing Walls, an idea that took seed many years ago, has finally grown together with the joining of two companies, Everlast Climbing and Spectrum Aquatics.  The perfect marriage between climbing and aquatics.

Everlast Climbing
– Started in 1991, Everlast Climbing has 20 years of experience manufacturing, installing, training for, climbing on, and teaching about climbing walls.  We know climbing, top to bottom, and are excited for a new arena in which to share our passion.

Spectrum® Aquatics
– With 40 years in the aquatics industry, Spectrum has been the perfect partner on this endeavor.  They bring to the table knowledge of aquatic environments, aquatic code, stainless steel manufacturing, and a top notch engineering team.

About Us:

Everlast Climbing
About Everlast Climbing
– Everlast Climbing is committed to improving youth fitness with dynamic and innovative products that engage children and inspire physical activity. The comprehensive line of climbing wall systems includes top rope and traverse climbing walls as well as NatureROCKS™ playground boulders and outdoor play elements. The StartFIT™ line of fitness packages brings activity and fitness programming to classrooms and gyms.

Spectrum Aquatics
About Spectrum
–  Spectrum Aquatics manufactures a broad array of quality products used in the construction, operation and maintenance of commercial swimming pools and spas.  Our product line portfolio includes commercial deck equipment, ADA compliant pool lifts and assisted access, thermal pool blankets and competitive swim pieces.  We are highly regarded within the pool and spa industry and is acknowledged for quality products, competitive pricing, on time delivery, and friendly and caring customer service

About PlayCore®
- PlayCore helps build stronger communities around the world by advancing play through research, education, and partnerships. Our company infuses this learning into its complete family of brands. We combine best-in-class planning and education programs with the most comprehensive array of recreation products available to create play solutions that match the unique needs of each community we serve.

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